The R.O.A.D. Way 
to Progress
Three simple steps to identify and overcome the hurdles to move your online course forward
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Preparing to launch your online course is EXCITING!
You’re ready to get your gift out to the world but then you realize how much there is to do. 

And if you’re like most people, you get energized by creating content but some of the other steps drain you and feel overwhelming. In fact, this is why the majority of course creators quit their dream and stop moving forward.
But not you!
The R.O.A.D. Way to Progress will help you identify the high-level tasks and guide you to evaluate the best path to getting each of those steps done.
It’s time for you to get your online course out there, so avoid overwhelm by using The R.O.A.D. Way to Progress.
Shari Czar...

... the Get It Done Mentor provides insight to Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses to strengthen their online presence and attract and serve more clients effectively, so they can grow their businesses while they sleep. 

Through masterminds, coaching, and speaking, Shari guides businesses to achieve through action and accountability and by bringing Community to the Entrepreneur world.
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